Siddhis or Supernatural Powers


Being able to see auras is a gift one gets on the path of meditation. It is one of the many super-natural powers the path of meditation is paved with. Some seekers get their gifts early on their path. These gifts are meant to assure the seeker to continue. They are beacons of the right track, but at the same time they are also massive tests for the seeker. If the seeker is greedy, he/she gets entangled in the Siddhi and does not move forward. If the seeker is staunch, Siddhis are not really required to keep him/her lured onto the path. The ultimate goal is way beyond and much above these Siddhis, so one should not be dazzled by the bright lights of the Siddhis.


                                                                                                                                    Panipat, the 25th of September, 2003

Recently, I had the good fortune of meeting Swami Sambodhananda, an ascetic who performs penance in a remote village in the Himalayas and comes down to the plains once a year to teach Yoga, philosophy, astrology etc. He taught me that Siddhis are blockages in the path of the rising Kundalini. The manifestation of a Siddhi is a weakness in the system coming in the way of God-realization. If any of the Chakras has blockages due to entanglement so as to not allow the Kundalini to advance upwards, the Kundalini stays put at the Chakra, giving the native supernatural powers pertaining to the Chakra concerned. If the native still has greed and lust patterns lurking within him, new behavorial patterns due to the Siddhi can cause the native to accumulate loads of evil Karma by misusing the Siddhi, which could be difficult to negate in the forthcoming lifetimes, and because the Kundalini has stopped advancing and has stayed put well before its goal, there can be no question of the attainment of Moksha in the current lifetime. Of course, if the blockage is cleared by the Guru in time and the Kundalini allowed to advance upwards, and also the evil Karma accumulated is negated or annihilated, then one can still have Moksha in visier. Therefore, the practice of Sadhana for x number of years without the development of a Siddhi is a sign that there are no blockages in the upward rise of the Kundalini, a very positive sign indeed. (Progress on the path of Sadhana can be measured by other indicators, for example the level of detachment, dependency on physical food, number of breaths per minute in everyday life, ability or non-ability to switch the system off at will, resistance to mental and physical pain, appearance of youthfulness on face, lustre of skin, immunity against disease………………………..). Thank you Swami Sambodhananda, for this enlightenment.


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