The Karmic Ills of Non-Vegetarianism

The average human being must eat to survive, but it should be clear to us that each morsel has been previously earned by the soul. No backup earning means no food, and there are plenty starving this very instant. Plants feel pain, but animals feel much more pain because their central nervous system is developed.  The human being feels the most pain because of the highest development of the central nervous system on Earth. The average plant consumes a few buckets of food and water in its lifetime. The average animal consumes thousands of kilograms of food and water in its lifetime. This consumption is lowest for white-meat animals and highest for red-meat animals. The good Karma bank account of the consumer of a portion of meat is lowered by the food and water consumed by that portion of the aminal for its till-date existence. This account depletion is about a thousand times higher than the account depletion per meal from a vegetarian’s account. Furthermore, in the bad karma bank account of the non-vegetarian, the pain of the animal is registered. In the vegetarian’s bad Karma bank account, the pain of the plant is registered. Again a factor of approximately a thousand looms here, because the animal suffers much more during the killing. The consumers will have to account for this bad Karma by either experiencing proportionate pain with compound interest on their own bodies and/or minds, or they will have to do proportionate good to negate the pain caused. It has generally been seen that the vegetarian individual, because of the Sattwik nature of most plants, is aided by the Cosmic Force to perform Sattwik activities, i.e. those activities which uplift mankind spiritually. Because of these virtuous deeds, such an individual soon negates the pain caused during preparation of his/her food, and moves on to accumulate compounded amounts of good Karma which ensures future healthy human bodies born in a spiritual environment, so as to resume the spiritual path from where the individual left off during the former incarnation. The non-vegetarian individual is full of Tamas after the consumpton of meat. This Tamas attracts its cousins which are also full of Tamas, i.e. alcohol, nicotine and other stale/dirty stuff. The Tamasik individual then attracts to him/herself other Tamasik individuals, and together they perform Tamasik activities, i.e. what mankind considers sins and what earns bad karma. The bad Karma account of such an individual is rising exponentially, coupled with the simultaneous exponential depletion of the individual’s good Karma bank account. The body earned in the next life by such a human might not necessarily be human, because it might not suffice to wipe off even a small percentage of the bad karma account. For example, woe is such a life when one is born as a buffalo which toes heavy goods for 10 years at a stretch under whiplashing, and then drops dead from exhaustion. One sees many such entities on the roads of India, their eyes revealing their suffering, their thick skin split from the loads and the whips. Is this suffering a coincidence? Most definitely not. It is a wiping off of karmic debt, and if you’ve understood this text, you now know one of the basic activities with which karmic debt can be accumulated, i.e. non-vegetarianism, and also a basic regimen with which karmic credit can be earned, i.e. vegetarianism.



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