Trifala Eye Care

Ailment: Eye pain and strain, especially from computer-work.

Quantity: 100 ml

Ingredients: Trifla and water

Procedure: Mix half a tea-spoon of Trifla powder into 100 ml of water. I use Dabur and Khadi Trifla. In summers, strain with cloth after 1 hour. In winters, strain after 6 hours. Wash the eyes with the strained Trifla-water.

Note 1: It will sting in the eyes!

Note 2: The Trifla should be genuine.

Note 3: During the spread of eye-flu, one can wash the eyes with strained Trifla water upto 4 times a day, but one should use half the above recommended concentration of the Trifla solution. Trifla is a great preventive against eye-flu, and you won’t have to use the allopathic antibiotic preventives recommended by the doctors.

Note 4: No particles should be left in the Trifala after the straining, because these can be harmful for the eyes.

Dosage: For computer or TV buffs, once every evening. After one week, one can reduce this to every alternate day, slowly coming down to twice a week.




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