A Burner Called Pitta

Pitta burns through.

It isn’t dogged though.

To flow, it needs Vata.

To persist, it borrows doggedness from Kapha.

Channelised, Pitta’s intelligence and brilliance shine forth.

Pitta is ignition.

It doesn’t care how it smells.

Pitta isn’t complicated.

It doesn’t believe in show.

It is what it is.

Like it and use it well, and it will dissect any and every topic for you.

Abuse it, and its overflow might even make you kill.

Pitta is used by the body for on the spot action.

Biochemistry is at play.

Pitta is the intelligence being relayed back and forth within the body.

Pitta is honest.

Straight-forwardness it its way of life.

Pitta is in alcohol. It mostly leaves drugs to Vata. The drug called sugar is left to Kapha.

Pitta is the knife performing the operation.

Use it well.

Abuse will bring on the spot misery and will literally spill blood. Pitta is in blood.

Each Dosha has its pluses and minuses.

Use the pluses. The minuses are there because it’s a Dosha after all, some kind of an anomaly in the matrix of the universe.

Flush out the minuses.

Become friends with the Dosha.