Chronic Pain


…your pain.

Is it dull?







On surface?


By what?

Where, when and how are you comfortable?

How can comfort be enhanced?

Is comfort going to be temporary, or perhaps permanent?

Chronic pain is a tough cookie. 

Happens to most, sometime or the other in life. 

Understanding the underlying Dosha or Doshas is vital. 

Kapha is dull and encompassing. 

Pitta is sharp and shooting. It can also burn. 

Vata is erratic. It carries Pitta to shoot. Location keeps changing. 

Identify the Doshas at play. 

Then act with remedy. Pacify that which is out of control. Bring it back in control. 

When pain becomes chronic, and after biochemistry of the area has changed, it it well possible that three Doshas are involved. 

What does one do here?

Dr. Lad taught us that three Doshas going out of whack is a combination for disaster. Here, a complete detox will be required. 

In today’s day and age, detox starts with food. 

Eat and drink the right stuff. 

Stay alkaline. Avoid acidic or acitity causing substances. 


Get rid of waste smoothly.

Sleep sufficiently. 

Persistence with this food-exercise-waste-sleep regimen alone will take care of most of your detox, and could well bring your pain under control already. 

Go for this basic stuff…

…by yourself. 

Beyond that, sure, see a doctor. 

Zero Tolerance for Cancer?


That’s what Ayurveda has.

What exactly is cancer?

Body cells behaving as if they don’t belong to the body…


…own components rejecting their mothership…

…and spreading their…


…growing in number and size…

…till they take over the mothership and…

…lay it to rest painfully.

Who behaves like that?

Someone who’s really p*ssed.

Is that the case with body cells?

Yes it is.

Constant toxicity on all levels leaves them fuming.

Their reasoning is, if the person looking out for us is not treating us as his or her own, then why should we treat him or her as our own.

Fair argument?

Let’s look at what’s happening with the eyes of Ayurveda.

Straight away – Doshas.

All three under control = burgeoning health. Ayurveda tries to keep it here. However, in deep Kalyuga, where we are, maintaining all three Doshas at balanced levels is rather difficult, despite the best efforts of Ayurveda. More often than not,…

… one of the Doshas is generally out of whack, and this means the onset of disease.

2 out of whack = serious disease.

All three out of whack = cancer…

…if they are not brought under control urgently.

Dr. Lad taught us that, this thing about all three being out of whack meaning development of cancer in the body.

I’ll never forget it.

What does all three out of whack mean?

A lifestyle that’s totally out of whack with one’s self – that’s what it means.

Ayurveda’s action starts very early, at trying to control the one Dosha that’s out of whack. Actually, it starts at prevention of overflow of even one Dosha. However, we have established, that in deep Kalyuga, it is very common for at least one Dosha to overflow at the drop of a hat.

In the context of this article, on a relative level, we’re already looking to Ayurveda at the one-Dosha-out-of-whack level.

We’re treating a disease like cancer at a primal point, much, much before it explodes.

Dosha 2 and Dosha 3 out of whack condition is far away. Dosha 1 will be brought under control by Ayurveda. Health will be restored.

Ayurveda has zero tolerance for cancer.