The non-linear Nature of Vayu Dosha

Have you kick-started a motorcycle?

Drawn water from a hand-pump?

Observed the dynamics of your ablutions?

Studied the onset of an asthma attack?

What’s the common denominator?

Non-linear nature. 

That’s one attribute of Vayu Dosha. 

And we’re speaking about it today. 


Because it is peculiar to us.

We are used to linear growth. 

Society teaches us of the symmetry while behaving linearly.

Symmetry, aesthetics, predictability…

…are the buzz-words of the times. 

One is on time.

That’s how the world functions. 

One behaves in a fashion such that one’s future behaviour can be estimated. 

That’s how one builds credibility. 

On the basis of credibility, one is able to move the world around. 

Vayu Dosha is none of this. 

It is not symmetrical. 

It doesn’t care too much about aesthetics. Burping, farting, hiccupping…need I say more. 

It is not predictable. 

There comes the slightest of tension, and one’s morning ablution gets postponed. 

One might not yawn for three days, and then go into a frenzy of yawns. 

Hiccups might not stop, and then stop altogether. 

You get the gist. 

Since Vayu Dosha is not what society teaches us to be, it’s nature appears peculiar to us. 

That’s an issue. 

We wash Vayu Dosha under the rug. 

We don’t burp. 

We don’t fart. 

We don’t acknowledge we’re depressed. 

We imprison it. 

That’s when it becomes a hurricane. 

It bursts, having devastating effects. 

It’s non-linear, non-conforming nature has done us in. 

Do we want to be done in?


Therefore, we must deal with the nature of Vayu Dosha. We must understand it, and accommodate for it. 

It pays to accept that things in life can behave in a non-linear fashion. 

After acceptance comes accommodation. 

That’s followed by (successful) implementation.