Chronic Pain


…your pain.

Is it dull?







On surface?


By what?

Where, when and how are you comfortable?

How can comfort be enhanced?

Is comfort going to be temporary, or perhaps permanent?

Chronic pain is a tough cookie. 

Happens to most, sometime or the other in life. 

Understanding the underlying Dosha or Doshas is vital. 

Kapha is dull and encompassing. 

Pitta is sharp and shooting. It can also burn. 

Vata is erratic. It carries Pitta to shoot. Location keeps changing. 

Identify the Doshas at play. 

Then act with remedy. Pacify that which is out of control. Bring it back in control. 

When pain becomes chronic, and after biochemistry of the area has changed, it it well possible that three Doshas are involved. 

What does one do here?

Dr. Lad taught us that three Doshas going out of whack is a combination for disaster. Here, a complete detox will be required. 

In today’s day and age, detox starts with food. 

Eat and drink the right stuff. 

Stay alkaline. Avoid acidic or acitity causing substances. 


Get rid of waste smoothly.

Sleep sufficiently. 

Persistence with this food-exercise-waste-sleep regimen alone will take care of most of your detox, and could well bring your pain under control already. 

Go for this basic stuff…

…by yourself. 

Beyond that, sure, see a doctor. 

What’s your Emergency?

Life’s a blur in deep Kalyuga.

We move…fast.

We are mildly aware about what we are doing. Auto-pilot is big.

When we eat, focus is on some other stimulus. Not totally on food.

Mind races.

Million thoughts.

We’re troubleshooting at every step.

Life’s an emergency.

Does Ayurveda fit in?


With great difficulty.

Ayurveda is prophylactic.

Its first impulse is to maintain health, so that the native can enjoy a long, healthy life that is fruitul and meaningful. All that can’t happen without good health, so Ayurveda makes it a life-mission to maintain good health.

It is not allowing emergencies to creep in.

Our lifestyle, on the other hand, is an emergency-lifestyle.

How do we bring this discrepancy to a common denominator?

We don’t have a choice.

We have to find common ground.

Our lifestyle has to deal with deep Kalyuga.

Ayurveda is from Satyuga, or something like that.

One needs to fit-fit-fit to incorporate some Ayurveda in one’s life.

What’s the harm?

Who asked you to be a totalitarian?

Yeah, what’s your emergency?

Go with some. Understand it. Incorporate it. If it’s helping, keep it. Discard the cumbersome stuff.

Brick by brick, take it to a maximally digestible level.

I say that on purpose, because in deep Kalyuga, good-old-stuff is not all incorprable.

Never mind. We’ll go with whatever works for us.

Slowly, as you keep fitting and incorporating, you notice an important change.

Balance shifts towards a non-emergency lifestyle.

Your body and mind have heard the call of your soul. Now, they are fitting themselves to Ayurveda.

You are on the correct trajectory to good and long-lasting health.